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About Us

Shanghai King-cell Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was established in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone on April 19, 2017. As a bio pharmaceutical enterprise, King-cell is committed to innovation and safe vaccine development and production. It was formerly known as Beijing Cell-fusion Biotechnology Co. Ltd. located in zhongguancun Beijing, after more than 6 years research, the company obtained the clinical approval of human rabies vaccine (chicken embryo fibroblast); the new-genotype MMR vaccine, inactivated rotavirus vaccine and respiratory syncytial virus vaccine are under research.
King-cell covers an area of 80 acres in Jinshan Industrial Zone, in which the first phage of construction covers an area of 91 thousand square meters, including human rabies vaccine (CEF) workshop, human Rabies Vaccine (human diploid cell) workshop, quality inspection building, animal center, pilot plant and multiple warehouse. King-cell pursue for the satety and effectiveness of products instead of expanding production scale. Our goal is serving human health in the craftman spirit and strive to become an honest, dignified and influential company.

We firmly believe that vaccines are made for human health but not for seeking profit. However, 

profits will follow as long as we stick to this belief. We will develop innovative and safe vaccines to improve human health and benefit mankind.







地址: 上海市金山工业园广业路585号1幢218室